There are three sections to this website.

This website had its origins in 1997 as a Minnesota bicycle racing site. It soon matured to include the entire upper Midwest which ishow it got its name. For a number of years the site had a comprehensive racing calendar for the territory it covered. At the same time the site expanded to include both the webmaster's extensive railroad photos and a section of the webmaster's pictures taken mostly in Minnesota. As time moved on things changed as far as the racing site was concerned. It became more difficult to get the information due to other commitments from the source. In addition more non-racing material was added. The end came in 2007 when the webmaster made the first of his annual visits to Boston to partake in a project to do a photo study of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority's service primarily in the subway and light rail area. It was then decided that due to space considerations and an increasing lack of the race site that the bike racing portion would be dropped in favor of adding a temporary home for what became a large project on not the photography of the MBTA but other information as well. The MBTA project is growing and it too well be removed from this site to find its own home. New and vastly better digital photos will be added to replace older pictures on the Minnesota section as well.

If you want to see what we looked like as far back as 1997 go to this website: Then type in our web address Many of the old pictures can still be downloaded including from the bike racing portion.

Then again, a website is a dynamic effort that is constantly changing.

Thank you again for your visit to this site. We seldom advertise the site but a large number of people stumble on it and spread the word. Have a great year.


The second section is dedicated to railroad pictures taken by the webmaster from 1954 through 2007. There a number of pages that show railroading - mostly in the Chicago area - of what is now fallen flags: railroads that were either abandoned or absorbed by mergers. Also included are traction pictures of light rail, trolleys, elevated and the North Shore Line which ran until 1963 from Chicago to Milwaukee. Included now is a second page of pictures of transit in Kenosha and the Metra station from May, 2007.

The third and final section is dedicated mostly to the State of Minnesota, again with photographs taken by the webmaster.  While the majority are within the Twin Cities area there are also shots in the Duluth area as well as in southeast segment of the state. A new page of pictures have been added from a recent trip to S.E. Wisconsin taken in early May, 2007.  Those pictures include some of the bike racing events around Kenosha, the new Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum and much more.  To go on that site please click here 


We welcome comments and questions.  If you wish to e-mail the webmaster please feel free to do so using the link below.  We no longer have our counters since Microsoft dropped that service.  New counters may be put on later on.

Coming soon - Boston and New England. Not quite Minnesota as well as new digital photos including from the St. Paul project.

Please excuse the dust but I am making some changes to some of the pages. This will be an ongoing process.

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We're redoing some pages. New index on the railroad page. 2 pages of the Northstar line and Metro Transit. New photos to be added to Minnesota pages as well.
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