The Green Line

The "A" Line

In 1967 when the Massachusetts Transit Authority assigned letters to what would become the Green Line the letters were assigned geographically from north to south. Thus the southern most line was the "E" Line.

The "A" Line's history is a little complicated. The predecssor used the Tremont Street Subway and turned around at the Park Street in 1897. The line continued on the Boylston Street subway to an incline in Kenmore Square in 1914. The Blandford Street Portal on Commonwealth Avenue west of Kenmore opened in 1932 which was the last change in the route of the service.

Known as the Waterford Line prior to 1967 when the letters were assigned it was the 69 Watertown-Park Street Route. Turnback loops existed at Union Square and Oak Squre as well as the Watertown terminal. The opening of the Riverside Branch ("D" Line) in 1959 caused a streetcar lines running in Cambridge out of Harvard Square to be converted to trackless trolley (which remains today in 2008), and the PCC cars were reassigned to the Riverside Branch. Ten years later the wear and tear and lack of replacement cars caused a severe shortage on the Green Line which led to the MBTA announcing that the "A" Branch would be closed on a "trial" basis. The last "A" Branch car ran on 20 June 1969. The "A" Line separated from the "B" Line at Packard Corner with the "B" line turning left and continuing on Commonwealth Ave.

Tracks remained in place, however, until 1994 when they were paved over after being used for a while to permit access to the Watertown Car House.

There are no pictures at present of any of the PCC cars on the "A" Branch showing them signed as such. Anyone who does have pictures of the PCC cars should notify the webmaster with information and condition of the pictures so they can be added to this page.

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