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If it appeared that the passenger trains were "rainbow" the early Burlington Northern Freights were far more so. As soon as the "M" day came and went power from the GN and NP arrived in the Chicagoland area with a greater assortment of different color schemes. The BN was quick to renumber the units of it the predecessor lines as well as running their power in any possible combination they could think of as some of these pictures suggest.  Included in the final row are BNSF units.  Additional BNSF units may be seen on the Santa Fe page.


Ex GN 2210 and former Burlington GP40 3012 lead a westbound BN freight on the east side of LaGrange, Illinois
bnnp7001d 370w.jpg (51928 bytes)
The earliest days of the Burlington Northern. The numbers would soon change on those F units and the NP scheme would be replaced with BN green.
bngn315aold470w.jpg (51219 bytes)
F units also came back to three tracks as this Great Northern set is heading westbound still in the original colors and numbers.  The third unit is a Burlington U boat.
Still in their original Great Northern colors, two renumbered GP30's are headed around the curve just west of Lisle in this April, 1971 shot. 

bn2211gngp30lis_ew.jpg (39992 bytes)

The rainbow era was upon us as a Burlington GP30 is led by a repainted F unit in BN colors and a Northern Pacific F7 in the lead approaching Cicero Yards in December, 1970.

bn2227qfratelav1270w.jpg (61185 bytes)

Still in the original Northern Pacific colors, two GE U-25-C's pull a freight through Berwyn in this January, 1972 shot.
bn5670np172w.jpg (58050 bytes)
bnnp3620 470w.jpg (56195 bytes)
A Northern Pacific SD-45 is coupled with a Great Northern F-45 as they head west in early April, 1970 by the Highlands station.
bnq634gp40ber470w.jpg (25808 bytes)
Burlington EMD units head eastbound through Montgomery, Illinois in this April, 1970 scene. 
bn5408gnberwyn1270w.jpg (54558 bytes)
The BN mixed their power as seen in this shot showing a renumbered GN U-boat still in "Big Sky Blue" colors pulling a freight in Berwyn in this December, 1970 scene.
Burlington's SD45's were painted green in anticipation of the merger.  Here is one of those units pulling what appears to be #97, the hotshot to Seattle through Highlands. 

bn6470qhillside97w.jpg (49670 bytes)

In its Northern Pacific colors, SD45  6425 heads west near Shabona, Illinois in April, 1971.  This was on the high speed Zephyr line.
bn6425npshabona471w.jpg (17895 bytes)
Foreign power was not all that unusual as these Union Pacific GP-30's head east around the same curve west of Lisle on a cool April, 1971 Sunday.
bnup729lisle471w.jpg (63611 bytes)

bn6773berwyn477w.jpg (27341 bytes)

More of the SD40-2's heading west on track 2 in Berwyn.  By 1977 there were few if any pre-merger units floating around the system: everything was green.

bn8044rochellew.jpg (47007 bytes)

Rochelle, a few years later as SD40-2 heads a fast eastbound freight through town.

bn6644mkedfldw.jpg (50034 bytes)

No, this is the Milwaukee Road north of Deerfield with a re-routed BN freight due, no doubt, to the Mississippi River flooding. F-45 6644 has the honors.
Remote Control BNSF unit SD-40 6332 sits next to some Canadian Pacific units just south of the CPR bridge at Nortown Yards.  6-2003

A BNSF transfer run below Dayton's Bluff in St. Paul, Minnesota

A rainbow of locomotives in this Summer, 2000 scene near St. Anthony.  The CPR unit is a mystery!

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