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If the Pullmans had curves the Budds were angular.  The first series of Budds were all stainless steel.  They also lacked car numbers painted on the standee windows.  They were the last cars CTA ordered with the blinker style doors; thereafter only the sliding doors would be used.   They were confined originally to the Kennedy Line with some also going over to the Dan Ryan when that service was opened.  Unlike the Pullmans which were retired the Budds have been rebuilt and feature standee windows that can be opened and closed. 

There are (or were) several sub-groups, each representing a separate order of cars.  Three vendors are represented in this group: Pullman, Budd and Boeing.  All of the 2000 series featured air conditioning - a first for Chicago on a mass order of elevated cars.  The initial 2000 series were the Pullmans: the first air conditioned cars and the last cars CTA would purchase from fares.  Subsequent orders would be subsidized by the Mass Transportation Act and other agencies.  The Pullmans had a unique fiberglass front end similar to cars built for the Boston system.  They came in 1963 to replace the Lake Street 4000 series that were necessary for the trolley operation at street level. When the elevated moved over to the CNW right of way the 4000's were quickly removed.  A group also ran on the Eisenhower-Douglas Park Logan Square line for a while as well.  They spent their last years running on the Howard line before retirement and replacement by the MK 3200 series in the 1990's.  A few of the cars are now in museums. Originally painted in the standard green and white these cars were subsequently repainted in a two tone gray scheme.  The first bi-centennial car: Betsy Ross was also a Pullman.  At the end they were painted in the Silver scheme with a red-white-blue stripe similar to later orders.  Because they ran on the Lake-Dan Ryan line they also were paired with the first generation Budd (2200) series.

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    The Betsy Ross leads a four car Pullman train going around the 18th St. curve above the Dan Ryan.  After the SW line was built a new route was built to connect the Dan Ryan with the Howard Line. 

    The same train now heads southbound into the Chinatown station. . .

     . . . and returns heading westbound at the Lake/Clark station now with only the Betsy Ross! Taken July, 1976. 

    pullmanstow18.jpg (58630 bytes) pullclark2.jpg (57117 bytes) pull1cerm.jpg (53328 bytes)

     It then leaves and passes an eastbound Pullman set in the then conventional CTA color scheme shown near Lake and Wells with Tower 18 in the background.

    The Pullman set now pulls into the Lake Clark station heading east.  It will soon be heading south towards the Dan Ryan-95th station.  Two car trains no longer exist today as CTA has cut down on runs but increased cars per train.

    A Pullman set in conventional colors is mixed with a Budd set as the train approaches the Chinatown station in July,1976.

    buddscermak.jpg (51163 bytes) budd18thdryan.jpg (19963 bytes) buddclarkloop1.jpg (44736 bytes)

    A two car Budd train travels over the high level curve near 18th Street in this July, 1976 scene.  This area has changed with the extension of the State St. Subway.  This portion is no longer in regular service

    A four car Budd train approaches the Chinatown station on the Dan Ryan line.

    Two cars on the Lake/Dan Ryan at the Clark-Lake station.

    jeffpkbd.jpg (68111 bytes) kenbudds.jpg (53651 bytes) kenbuddmont.jpg (53033 bytes)

    A four car Budd train leaves Jefferson Park, the terminal at that time of the Kennedy Line.

     Two two car Budd trains pass each other near Montrose on the Kennedy Line. 

    Another two car Budd train on the Kennedy at Montrose.  This scene has also changed due to the rebuilding of the Kennedy Freeway in the mid 1990's.

    ravboe3.jpg (63496 bytes) rivroadstation.jpg (50118 bytes) budd2-2601rivroad383.jpg (45319 bytes)

    A two car Boeing Vertol 2400 series pulls into the Kimball Terminal in this 1974 shot.  The Boeings were later moved to the Dan Ryan line

     The two shots of  2601 were taken on opening day when demonstration runs were being done by the CTA of the Kennedy extension.  All though the line would reach the Kennedy airport more than a year later the new stations were spectacular by CTA standards.

    Another shot of the East River Road temporary terminal of the Kennedy extension opened in March, 1983.

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