The Green Line

Proposed extension to Somerville and Medford

The last major expansion in the now Green Line was the purchase and conversion of the former Boston and Albany commuter line to Riverside. That became the Riverside Line or D Branch.

Unlike past branches of the Green Line this will be the first extension that is being built only for LRV service whereas the other branches first had conventional street cars in some cases or PCC cars as in the "D" Line before the conversion to LRV standards. A specific website has been set up that monitors the progress of the extension that will be used as the primary source of information. At this time the route is fairly well set as are some of the stations. Not known is the future of Lechmere as it appears on the aerial view to be still existing with the extension cutting off just south of the terminal. As has been the case in other modifications or extensions on the heavy rail subway lines, the new extension will, for the most part, run along an existing railroad that has commuter service running. This will greatly simplify right of way construction and will mean that as shown the entire new route will be private right of way as well as grade separated from vehicular traffic.

There is no word on new LRV's being ordered though no doubt they will be required. As far as number of new cars that too has not been determined. At this time no mention has been made on the route letter or the southern or possible downtown Boston terminal. There is also the chance that this line will be an extension of a present branch but anything now would again be pure speculation. A downtown terminal would really put an extra load on an already overcrowded system in the "core" or central section of the present Green Line.

Needless to say the webmaster will be monitoring the website set aside for the project and making changes on this page as needed. To reach the website please click here*. At the present time this link is up to date through Spring, 2009. It includes elevations of the stations proposed including the new Lechmere station which will replace the present facilities. Yard 8 appears to be the possible location for the extension. As the expansion website is constantly being updated with additional information please check back often for the latest developments. The planned completion of the expansion is set for no later than 31 December, 2014. That date may be pushed back to as late as between 2016 and 2020 on parts of the extension due to severe budgetary issues steming, in part, from Big Dig. The updated expansion website also has estimated passengers per station and headways amd details on any further delays..

I am also including the aerial overview showing the proposed route of the main and secondary branch. I have reduced the 22 mb file to a jpg file. To see the full size please use your zoom control by right clicking on the picture. The quality is not as good as the .bmp file but at least it is doable for most of our viewers. It also will require the viewer to scroll the screen along with the graphic. The same graphic is available on the extension website.


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