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Welcome to the MBTA Transit site.  It is a site about the MBTA or Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. At the present time this site is in beta.  Phase 2 is finished but since this is a beta pages and material can be changed or added.  Since this site is in beta I am asking those who log on to please report any issues or problems. Please list the browser and version (like Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 3.0). I will be posting known issues as well on this page both reported and discovered by me. Your help is appreciated. Check below for known issues and their dates. Some may be fixed while others may not.

Right now this site is still part of the upperMidwestCycling site but will shortly have its own url and website which will be . 

Presently all photographs are by the webmaster from a visit to Boston during October, 2007 and September/October, 2008.  In late September, 2008 the webmaster returned to Boston to work on the 2nd phase of the project covering the south half of the Red Line, the Orange Line, the Blue Line including the new 0700 cars, and Green Line. Included in this phase are pictures of the T's trackless trolley buses as well as more picutres of the Purple Line and buses including the newest Flyer DL-40 low floor buses. The third phase taken in October, 2009 will revisit the Blue Line now running the new 0700 series cars, the E Line on Huntington and over the Charles River and Science Center and a revisit to Newton Center where the Class 8 cars are finally running. finally some pictures of the Red Line over Longfellow Bridge from the observation deck of the Prudential Tower.

Feedback is important from those visiting this site so that the webmaster can take into consideration the direction planned.  At this point what was just going to be a picture album has already grown into much, much more. Comments and contributions from MBTA employees would be appreciated. Please click on the link to the webmaster with comments or more details concerning specific needs for this site.

Thanks are again offered to Peter Swan, Manager of Special Projects in Marketing and  Dave Woods in Marketing at the MBTA.  Also a special thanks to Lynn Matis, Chief Librarian and Archivist of the magnificent State Transportation Library of Massachusetts located in the building where MBTA has their headquarters.  I have little doubt that when this project reaches completion (do websites ever reach that point!) there will be more names added to the credits.  Those who wish to contribute material and/or pictures should first contact the webmaster by clicking on the link below for particulars.

Some of these pictures may be added on the MBTA. Those pictures will remain copyrighted and are for download purposes only. They may not be reproduced and/or altered on any other website be it free or commercial without the express permission of the webmaster.

This site is dedicated to the over 6,600 employees who are part of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and the great job they do to serve the public and make it happen.

2008 pictures have been added except commuter train.

Website now has Orange Line added and links have been updated to now include the 2008 updates on the Red and Blue Lines. The Green Lines have been updated on the site.

Green Line expansion page is directly connected to the Green Line expansion project which has a link for up to date information on the progress and planning.

We now have a name for the site: Boston Transit. Our new addess will be That address has been secured. Do not get it confused with the .com as that is an inactive site in British Columbia, of all places. Please watch this page for further information as to when everything has been moved over and I activate the new URL



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Known issues:

Known issues have been corrected from the past. Since the Orange Line has been added any additional issues will be added including possible link problems and bleeding (text over text or over pictures).



Added page on the Boeing-Vertol LRV history.

Added pages regarding the Blue Line expansion plans 16 May 08

Added page on Charlie and the Charlie Card. 16 May 08. Be careful or like Charley you may not be able to get off the subway!

Added more links on various pages and cleaned up bleeding where found. 16 May 08

Rosters added to Blue, Red and Green Lines from Wikipedia. Minor touching up on Red and Green Line. 18 June 2008.

The new revised Red Line and Blue Lines are finished but have not been added to the site. Those wishing to preview may email the webmaster. Otherwise the entire revised site will be uploaded with the additions and modifications some time during early 2009. All of the original pictures will be redone in some cases using features from PhotoShop CS4. 27 December 2008. Effective 21 Feb 09 the new Red and Blue Line pages have been added to the site.

E Branch of the Green Line updated to 2008 pictures and added 26 Jan 09

B Branch of the Green Line updated with 2008 pictures added 26 Jan 09

minor changs to B and E Line to resolve possible text bleeding 28 Jan 09

C branch of the Green Line uploaded with 2008 pictures added 8 Feb 09

D branch of the Green Line updated with 2008 pictures added 8 Feb 09.

Green Line is all but updated as of 8 Feb 09.

Present Blue and Red Line may be missing pictures. That will be taken care of once the 2008 version is updated to the site. Done!

Bus roster is deactivated pending completion of the bus page.

Orange Line added. Soft intro to 2009 version. More to be added including bus and rail pictures. 21 Feb 09

Bus and bus roster added to site.

Home page updated and background colour changed. with new pictures added 22 Feb 09.

Name change to Boston Transit 4 March 09

Added Green Line expansion information on Green Line Index and Expansion page 25 May 2009.

Added 2009 pictures of the Blue Line and D and E lines of the Green Line 6 Feb 2010

Minor updates as needed to the various pages on the site: 27 January, 2011



















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Unless otherwise noted all pictures are by Larry Mack and are copyrighted.  These pictures may not be used for other web sites and/or commercial purposes without the express approval by the webmaster.  The "T" and subway map are copyrighted and owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and are used on this site with their approval.  This site is  not officially affiliated with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

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