MBTA Expansion Plans

Like most transit properties the MBTA has several master plans that cover expansion over the next 15 to 20 years.  As our urban areas become more populated we face a number of issues which are:

1.       Further concerns and solutions to cut down on pollutants caused by the potential heavier use of vehicles.

2.       Methodology and solutions to further expand public transportation to reduce the traffic flow of privately owned vehicles and potential additional gridlock on our highway system.

3.       Far more efficient transportation plans to effectively move people around to their destinations.

With that in consideration MBTA is committed to seek out solutions to the above criteria with several master plans.  All though it would be virtually impossible to cover every single plan between now and 2030 – for example – this site will touch upon those plans that are currently being considered in the very near future as well as significant plans for the future.  Included in this section will be maps, where applicable from official documents as well as descriptions and feasibility of the various projects planned to expand public rail transportation within the greater metropolitan Boston area.  Other than the immediate plans now in study all other plans are currently speculative and subject to change. Where possible a feasibility projection of each plan will be placed by the webmaster with necessary comments.

There are presently two subway projects that are in the planning stages for implementation.  The first is the Green Line extension is set to go from near the Lechmere Terminal to Medford with a branch to Union Square in Somerset.  At the present time the expansion is due for completion in 2014.  Presently there are public hearings and a dedicated website. At the present time there has not been any announcement as to whether the expansion will be of the “E” branch or a new branch; perhaps resurrecting the “A” branch since the original plan was to have the “A” line the northern most branch of the Green Line.  In this case the new branch will possibly have a sub-branch as well.

The second extension is on the Blue Line which currently terminates at Wonderland which is part of Revere. The proposed extension would take the line to Lynn.  In this case there are several routes that have been selected.  In this case, however, the expansion faces some resistance in Lynn.  A smaller and probable extension also on the Blue line is an extension from the present downtown terminal to Charles-MGH on the Red Line which was supposed to be part of the “Big Dig” project.  At this point it is not determined whether the Blue Line will simply terminate at that station or there will somehow be a physical connection.  In the case of the connection it would mark the first time there has been a direct physical connection between the three major heavy rail subway lines.    Currently the Blue Line is receiving 94 new cars built by Siemens that are being placed in service.  With these new cars along with select older cars the Blue Line will be up to six car trains and, no doubt, capable of absorbing any expansion plans shown at the present time.



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