On June 26, 2004 the first part of Metro Transit's new light rail line "The Hiawatha Line" opened from the Warehouse Station in Downtown Minneapolis to the Fort Snelling GSA building. This has been followed by the entire line opening on 4 December, 2004 to the MSP Airport and terminating inside the transit facilities at Mall of America's mega shopping mall. The Hiawatha Line is just the start on that now includes the Northstar commuter rail and the 2014 completion of the Central Corridor that will connect downtown Minneapolis with downtown St. Paul.

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metrobus St Anthony bridge - 2 61903.jpg (135139 bytes)

Bus 619 crosses over the BNSF yards on St. Anthony in this June, 2003 shot.  The 18 route goes from Columbia Heights to Bloomington with runs coming from three separate garages.

metro-416-rt5-62103.jpg (97402 bytes)

Bus 416 from South Garage is starting its run on the busy 5 line shown crossing the Canadian Pacific Railroad bridge on Osseo Boulevard  This particular run originated from Brookdale Shopping Center. 

metro3022-rt5-62103.jpg (140901 bytes)

New Flyer Articulated 3022 serves the busy 5 line on weekends shown heading northbound towards its terminal near Brookdale Shopping Mall

Hiawatha Line car 110 is ready to leave its northern terminal at the Warehouse station in downtown Minneapolis on a test run.

car110_at_warehouse_station.jpg (64311 bytes)

Now car 110 is crossing 3rd St. South as it approaches the Government Plaza Station in downtown Minneapolis

car110_crossing_3rd_st_outb.jpg (70208 bytes)

Making a practice training stop this outbound train is at the Government Center station on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Govcenterstationcar11005090.jpg (66136 bytes)

outbound_110_crossing_4thst.jpg (50538 bytes)
And leaves the Government Center as it now crosses 4th Street south running on 5th Ave. South..

car104_at_5th_av_and_Park.jpg (105553 bytes)

Car 104 at 5th Ave. South and Park.  This outbound car is at the end of downtown street running as it approaches the Metrodome station.

car110outbound_by_minnehaha.jpg (95797 bytes)

Southbound car 110 approaches the Minnehaha tunnel next to Hiawatha Ave.  on its private right of way.
Outbound car 101 approaches the 52nd Ave. crossing where it will run two blocks in the middle of that street.

car101_at_crossing_52nd.jpg (74827 bytes)

Car 107 is outbound on the private strip in the middle of 52nd Ave. on this warm Spring day.  The light rail runs for two blocks in the  median of the street.

car107outbound_at_52nd.jpg (77958 bytes)

Car 110 is part of the test run for rush hour scheduling as it is on the median strip on 52nd Ave.

car110_outbound_at_52nd_cro.jpg (63673 bytes)

car110_crossing_vethosproad.jpg (42328 bytes)

Inbound Car 110 is seen crossing the main road to the Veteran's Medical Center on this warm May Sunday afternoon. 

car110_inbound_at_Vet_Hosp_.jpg (70635 bytes)

Inbound car 110 makes a practice stop at the Veteran's Medical Center station.

car110_prw_inbound_52nd.jpg (37534 bytes)

Car 110 heads inbound on the median strip on 52nd Ave. south on a sunny May afternoon.  This is a residential neighborhood just north of the Veteran's Medical Centre complex. 
Car 101, the original Hiawatha car, heads inbound towards downtown Minneapolis on the high speed right of way after leaving the Minnehaha tunnel.  This is a nice view of the top of the car.

car101inbound_at_minnehaha_.jpg (119664 bytes)

Inbound car 110 crossing 4th Street South as it approaches the Government Center station.

inboundLRT_at_4th_Street_05.jpg (56753 bytes)

Inbound car 110 doing a practice stop at the Government Center Station on 9 May, 2004. To the right is the Minneapolis City Hall.

inbound110_waiting_at_Gov_C.jpg (69291 bytes)

car116inboundcedarriv.jpg (121827 bytes)

Car 116 getting ready to head towards downtown Minneapolis at the Cedar-Riverside station on a nice October Sunday afternoon. 

car110inboundrearcedarriv2.jpg (78442 bytes)

The same train heading towards downtown Minneapolis as it gets ready to cross the busy Interstate 35-94 bridge.

car113vetoutbound1004041.jpg (68689 bytes)

Outbound two car Hiawatha train lead by 113 leaving the Vet's Hospital Station as it heads towards Ft. Snelling. 

Car 103 descends the ramp from the Lake St Station at the 32nd St. crossing on its private right of way. 

car103outbound32nd100904.jpg (55236 bytes)

Car 104 approaching the Cedar-Riverside station.  Notice the Metrodome in the background served by the Hiawatha Line.

car104outboundcedarriv10090.jpg (70414 bytes)

Inbound 115 leads a two car train on the 52nd Ave stretch where the cars run in the median of the street. 

car115inbound52nd1004041.jpg (81439 bytes)


Car 125 on its maiden trip taken 2/7/2007. 

Car 124 brings up the rear with 125 in the lead on this very cold February day.


Northbound wrapped Hiawatha car in Qwest colors.

Northbound car 104 on Minnehaha - June 2007


Car 107 in "Let's Thrive" wrap - June, 2007


Car 121 leads a northbound train on Minnehaha near 50th.



Class car 101 leads a southbound train heading on Minnehaha on a warm June day 


Car 127, newest car on Metro Transit is all wrapped up for Bud Lite.


car 126 is wrapped up for Sun Country Airlines.

Car 115 leads a two car train on Minnehaha. 


Car 119 decked out for Cub Foods has a lot of corn


High voltage wires power the light rail cars.

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