The second part of the Metro Transit pages includes photos from 2007, 2009 and 2011. Included this time are photos of the light rail cars and a section displaying Metro Transit buses taken in 2007 and 2009 including some that were on display at the grand opening for Northstar at the Anoka, Minnesota stop on 14 November 2009

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Car 119 departs from the Nicollet Mall stop on the Hiawatha Light Rail Line. July, 2011


Car 104 approaches 3rd on a suny July, 2011 day.


Wrapped car 122 approaches Minneapolis City Hall. In the background is an outbond train approaching the Metrodome.

Hiawatha car 115 approches Hennepin County Court stop heading outbound


Hiawatha car 113 wrapped for the Minneapolis Star Tribune at Court House Square. July, 2011


Car 102 at downtown Minneapolis.


Car 102 this time at the Nicollet stop heading for Target Field - July, 2011.


Car 117 wrapped for Qwest. June, 2007. Downtown Minneapolis.


Outbound car 123 approaches the Minnehaha Creek Tunnel along Hwy 55.
Cars 115 and 105 pass near the 5th Ave. intersection in Minneapolis.


Car 121 stops at Government Center to pick up some passengers on a warm June, 2009 morning.


Car 121 same day heading towards the temporary end of line at the Warehouse District



Inbound Car 105 at Nicollet Mall stop in downtown Minneapolis.


Inbound car 119 leads a two car train approaching Minnehaha Creek's tunnel. In the background is the train led by car 123.


Car 103 crosses 2nd Avenue approaching Nicollet Mall Stop. July, 2011.
A closer view of car 103 getting ready to cross 2nd Avenue at downtown Minneapolis.


Outbound car 107 in its Blue Cross "Thrive" theme at Government Center. June, 2009.


New Gillig BRT 1101 by Minnesota State Capitol. June, 2007.



Bus 1023 on the 16 route passes near the Minnesota State Capitol. This was the last series with the old body.


Bus 1050 with a bike makes the turn to go by the State Capitol. .


Bus 854 in the new Metro Transit scheme near the State Capitol.

Another view of bus 854showing the new Metro Transit color scheme.. 


Bus 851 with an advertising wrap take the turn near the Capitol.


Artic 3104 - Flyer old body by the State Capitol. 



One of the early "new look" Flyer artics that was delivered in the old Metro Transit scheme.


Brand new Gillig BRT style 1121 at the Comcast stop in St. Paul..


New 1121 at the end of the line near Concord.

Another view of 1121 at the same location.


Dashboard of the new Gillig. Portable radio is optional.


New Flyer artic at Anoka for the Northstar opening. 14 Nov 09.


hybridb lue 

Hybrid Gillig 1144 at Anoka for the Northstar opening.


Wrapped hybrid in green for the opening of Northstar at Anoka.


Early hybrid wrapped for the State Fair at Pride 2009.

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