A variety of pictures from 1966 through the early 1980's of the late and great Milwaukee Road. 

F unit 79-a leads a westbound Milwaukee freight on the CNW at Wolf Road in Des


E9 unit 36-a leads a westbound commuter just north of Deerfield, Illinois.

No. 23 at Techny Road in this 1967 picture.  On the right is the roof over the platform of the soon to be abandoned Techny Road stop.   No. 23 sports a tap lounge car, a 1938 Hiawatha combination car and an express car in the back.
Looking from the third unit GP 40 leads 261 around a curve on the south side of Milwaukee as it approaches the yards for a crew transfer.    

mke 261mkeburw.jpg (53536 bytes)

Before radio issued orders crews had to get paper versions often on the fly as shown here as an eastbound freight picks up orders at Tower A-20.   

mkeorderpickup2043w.jpg (51381 bytes)

On a hot August day no. 23 approaches the home signal at Rondout Tower.  The train is a Chicago to Milwaukee streamliner.

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Only a few days remained for the Afternoon Hiawatha.  The "duece" is seen in this night shot at Glenview with its Skytop observation.  A class act to the very last day of service. 

mke99a58atgvnightw.jpg (41233 bytes)

No. 58 was the day time local from the Twin Cities to  Chicago.  Here she sits at Glenview waiting to get the signal to proceed on to Chicago in this night time shot.

cofeverywhere471a5w.jpg (38221 bytes)

The City of Everywhere heads west from Tower A-5 in this April, 1971 shot.  There's only a few more weeks and the train will be gone with the arrival of Amtrak.
An afternoon winter shot showing one of railroad's most famous profiles - an "F" unit - as it climbs the cutoff by Tower A-20.

fprofilew.jpg (17331 bytes)

The skytop observation car graces the rear of the westbound Afternoon Hiawatha shown passing Tower A-20 near Northbrook, Illinois in 1968

wb hi @ A20

The last day for A-20 as a westbound freight approaches the tower.  By June, 1980 the railroad would often route freights eastward out of Bensenville to Tower A-5 to avoid paying the CNW fees for their line.

mke350a20680lastdayw.jpg (57671 bytes)

cabooseandkidsw.jpg (34436 bytes)

The Patrol has stopped for a few at the Deerfield station while a few of its fans admire the orange caboose. 

Led by F unit 78-C, the freight from the Savanna waits for an eastbound freight to clear the plant at Sturtevant, Wisconsin before proceeding west to Milwaukee.  After the Soo Line conquest this line was abandoned in spots.

Four GP40's lead hotshot 261 off the cutoff from Shermer to Tower A20 and Milwaukee Road tracks..
The crew decided to put some teeth into their patrol as shown pulling into the Deerfield station.  This was the only such example of this "paint" scheme. 

mke232toothygeepw.jpg (26510 bytes)

In what had to be one of the more interesting power combinations GP9 328 leads several U boats (including one giving off enough exhaust making it an honorary steam engine) around the Ostermann curve in August, 1978.

mke328GP9uboatsdf878w.jpg (44512 bytes)

A trio of "U" boats heading westbound (really northbound) at Deerfield, Illinois.  The "U" boats were early casualties of the bankruptcy.

mke5002dfldw.jpg (58141 bytes)

mkelastdueceinteriorw.jpg (57389 bytes)

A sad but festive finale for both the skytop lounge observation cars and Afternoon Hiawatha showing the tail part of the car with a party going on the final "duece" between Milwaukee and Glenview.

mkefunitsa20 871w.jpg (53232 bytes)

An early morning view of two F units at Tower A20 ready to take the eastbound Janesville freight up the cutoff to CNW rails at Shermer Jct. in Northbrook, Illinois.


ordersw.jpg (64253 bytes)

The heart of Tower A-20 was the desk where many an order and clearance was written after taking them down from the dispatcher who was in Milwaukee.  This is now all but a lost skill as manned towers are also quite rare.

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