I moved into this area in 1997.  January, 1997 in the midst of winter.  It took a bit of adjustment but as I had time to explore the area I fell in love with what it had to offer in the way of beauty.  The rivers:  Mississippi, Minnesota, St. Croix to name a few.  The skyline.  Nicollet Island.  Pike Island.  The Fall colors.   The parks. The Arch Bridge.  So many things to see within the immediate metropolitan area.  I also found out that just by driving an hour or more there was even more to see and photograph.  There seems to be almost no end in sight as far as photographic possibilities except the camera, eye, and the mind. More pages may be added with photos from outside Minnesota.

Now that it's over 15 years the project has expanded to include other parts of Minnesota including Duluth,Lake Superior's North Shore. Banning State Park, Lake Pepin and more. Comparison shots are also present showing flooding and non-flooding conditions at some of the same locations. We are, after all, a State that is well known for its many lakes and great rivers.

Other states will be added including Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, California and Wisconsin as time permit. Very shortly some of these pages will be updated with digital photos where possible.


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