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Tech notes

This is the new revised website.  We have tried to make it easier for everyone to use. There are some important differences regarding compatability issues.

For the first time the entire site has used Adobe's GoLive 6.0. This has allowed us to to some different things. Unfortunately there are some problems that those using Netscape may use. 

Internet Explorer 6.0 has become our browser of choice. We can no longer support Netscape. There are a few things that users may discover with Netscape. This site uses marquees: floating messages. In Netscape they remain stationary. Our font of choice is Verdana, the industry standard. Netscape sometimes sees it as Times Roman. There also may be some colors on Netscape that are different than Internet Explorer. We do strongly suggest that  for best results you keep your graphics at a minimum of 1040x768 or higher.  Right now  we are running Internet Explorer 6.0 only with Windows XP Professional. Those using Opera will not be able to see the marquee's that are on some of the pages including the calendars.  Blame it on Bill Gates.

AOL users.  Please let us know of any discrepancies on this site.  The newer versions should be used.

WebTV users:  No promises made but hopefully we can find someone to beta test who has WebTV.  We regret the inconvenience.  

To make things easier we have eliminated the frames and have minimized, where possible, each page for quicker downloading time. Only the graphics may take longer but that is to be expected.

We do apologize to our users who may not be able to realize what this site should look like due to the use of legacy systems. We have strived to make each page narrower to compensate for the older systems.

Any other errors should be reported to the webmaster.

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Last updated at 12:37 AMWednesday, March 19, 2003