North Shore Line

May 25, 1955. 

A warm day and my first trip to Highwood.  I boarded the North Shore  (2) at the Elm Street station after watching a southbound four car (1) heading towards the Loop.  The visit to Highwood included taking pictures of three dining cars (3) (4) that last saw service in 1949.  They would be scrapped in 1959 but looked in fairly good shape.  Oddly enough one side of the cars were painted in the green and red standard, the other side was painted in the 1941 "Greenliner" scheme.  Also included was baggage coach 254 (5) and freshly converted to Silverliner, ex-diner 409 (6) which was the pride and joy of the railroad.  In the background are some of the trailers that saw little use after 1955.   Speaking of ex-diners, cars 414 and 416 (7) sat after finishing their daily assignment: taking New Trier students like myself home in the afternoon from the Indian Hill station.  These were two motor cars that were burned in a shop fire a few weeks after the Shore Line ceased to operate and were scrapped.  Line car 604 (8) was sitting the back yard with some 200 series express cars in the background Upon returning back to Elm Street I caught a two car "rush hour" train led by Silverliner 760 (9).   Silverliners were rare on the Shore Line.  They usually appeared because they were going to the Highwood shops.  Two car "rush hour" trains were not unusual. The Skokie Line, on the other hand, had five or six car trains. 

Almost two months later to the day the last cars ran on the Shore Line after a long battle by the carrier to abandon the line.  

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North Shore Line

Spring, 1955

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