North Shore Line

North Shore Line

Taking a photography class at New Trier meant going out and taking all kinds of pictures, not just trains. Of course when the opportunity came up the camera focused on the North Shore Line. Now limited to the Mundelein and Skokie Valley Lines for service I was still able to go to Highwood and take additional shots. This time I took several inside the shops including a shot showing the last Silverliner, car 768, in the midst of conversion (1) (2). Parked in the now empty yard was car 167 (4), a car I would also photograph by chance passing the Northbrook, Illinois station at a later date(5). The switch stand (6) is also in the same yards. The man who really ran the North Shore Line was Henry Cordell who was borrowed from the then Chicago Rapid Transit in 1918 and outlived the railroad by almost ten years. The picture shows Mr. Cordell on the phone in this candid shot (7). By this time Henry was hard of hearing.  If he did not want to listen to you he conveniently would shut off his hearing aid!

A short drive to Lake Bluff gave me a chance to photograph a southbound Milwaukee to Chicago train (8)(12) both coming and going around the curve at Scranton St.  If you go by there now it is doubtful you would even know a railroad ran at that location! The switcher at Northfield (9) became the location of a bowling alley which, in turn, was torn down in the early 1990's for an expensive town house complex. My, how times change! Also at Northfield is a shot of one of the southbound Electroliners (10) silently flying through at the Willow road crossing. Just a few miles south was the busy Dempster station in Skokie showing a two car Silverliner train (car 409 is the second car) coming in for its stop (11). Compare this with shots of the SOAC car demonstration in the early 1970's when Dempster was the northern terminus of the CTA Skokie Swift: a service that took over the North Shore Line from the Chicago Howard Street Station to this location in 1964 over the former North Shore tracks. Because I went to Downtown Chicago weekly I often took my camera with me. A Milwaukee Express is shown on the then high speed portion of the CTA at the Loyola College station on the North Side of the city. Baggage Coach 250 is in the lead on this portion where third rail operation was in use. (13) The final shot was taken in 1959 at the Mundelein station showing Cincinnati car 727 (14) waiting to depart to Chicago. Car 727 is alive and well in Iowa as the official car of the last freight interurban in the United States: Iowa Traction located near Mason City. Currently its interior is being redone. After viewing Iowa Traction picture to return here hit the reverse arrow on your screen.

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