North Shore Line

The final page of this section is made up of pictures taken at East Troy (when they had the North Shore cars) and the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, Illinois.  Irregardless of how hard one tries to imagine, a museum can never equal the experience of riding on the real railroad at 65 plus miles an hour.  It can not equal my trip on the Electroliner from Milwaukee to Chicago, sitting in my favorite seat watching the speedometer go over 80 (the "liner" was the only North Shore car that had a speedometer) along the right of way. 

Most of the museum shots were taken at East Troy around 1975-76 when the North Shore cars were still running there.  A political problem within the organization all but closed the museum until a new group took over.  Subsequently the North Shore cars were moved to the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, Illinois where one can see the likes of "baldy"757 doing its chores.

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