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There are a few links in this section but the links are important to any serious road racer. The first is the Tour de France race. This is the international World Series of road racing. Will Lance make it a "sixpeat"? Sources say he is focused and motivated to do just that. Also on this link you will find a source to buy TdF souveniers including jerseys, books and odds and ends. A complete and comprehensive course description is included and once the race is on a complete and up-to-date report of each stage. The "TdF" has been a tradition on this site since 1998. This year we add the cable network: OLN, who has been a strong supporter in cycling events in general and the Tour in particular. You will need cable TV for the daily two hour coverage but it is well worth it. Get those VCR's cranked up and ready to record!

Another is the link to "Superweek", one of our own top race series in the United States. This is the best source of information on what has been a yearly tradition in Eastern Wisconsin. Thanks, Otto!

Finally one more stage race is being added for 2004: the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival/Nature Valley Grand Prix. And the official store for TdF events also has been added.  While the new store does not offer the wide variety as the prior vendor there are still quite a few things of interest for the TdF fan to buy and collect.

Other national and international events will be added as time permits. If you have an event of major status that you want to see linked please click below at the mailbox.

(If you get a script message click on "yes" to continue on OLN).

Tour de France Superweek Outdoor Life Network Tour de France Store

Great River Energy Festival

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