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The term "property" refers to a transit company.  While most of this site is devoted to those in the Chicagoland area, these pictures show systems in Toronto, San Francisco and Shaker Heights/Cleveland.  The years range from 1959 to 1971.  

sfmuni1021churchw.jpg (76000 bytes)

A muni PCC St. Louis PCC car climbs the hill on the Church line in San Francisco in April, 1971.  This car belongs to the final group of PCC's delivered in the United States.


sfmunistlcarmarketw.jpg (61188 bytes)

Market Street, downtown San Francisco is in the midst of subway construction in this 1970 or 1971 shot showing PCC car in the modified paint scheme.


sfmuni1124 and at tunnelportal.jpg (89628 bytes)

Two former St. Louis PCC's meet at the old West Portal.  The cars are  gone and the entire area has been drastically changed with the  rebuilding of the trolley line to LRT standards.


Three former St. Louis cars on Ocean Blvd.  Notice the private right of way in the median of the busy street.  This was a great place to board a trolley and go downtown.  Taken April, 1970. 

sfmuni3pccsoceanvieww.jpg (54735 bytes)

It's the one hand cable turnaround maneuver.  Taken in near Fisherman's Wharf.  this is the Taylor line near the Bay.

sfcable turntablew.jpg (74676 bytes)

Yes, it is kind of tourist oriented but this is from the top of Russian Hill looking down towards Alcatraz and the Bay.  Just beautiful!


sfcable513russianhillw.jpg (58042 bytes)

sfcablehydeharborw.jpg (50207 bytes)

The harbor end of the Hyde line showing car 521 on the turntable.  The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background.

sfmuni1139oceanview.jpg (68385 bytes)

Side view of ex-St. Louis 1139 on Ocean Blvd. in the modified Muni paint scheme.  The sky is beautiful.   No wonder people lose their hearts in San Francisco! 

sfcable513powellhillw.jpg (37735 bytes)

Another classic hill shot with car 513 lumbering up one of the hills overlooking the Bay.  Sigh!  1971/April.
Ex Birmingham, Alabama Pullman PCC car at the intersection of King and Queen in Toronto, October, 1967

tccbirmpcckq.jpg (84403 bytes)

Ex Louisville, ex-Cleveland St. Louis PCC car at Queen  near the trolley barn and King crossing on a misty October, 1967 day.  Couplers were added when the car was moved to Toronto.

wb hi @ A20

Ex Cleveland Pullman built PCC car crosses Queen on the King line.   These cars ran a relatively short time in Cleveland before being sold to Toronto.

tccclevpullking.jpg (64447 bytes)

tccclevpullqueen.jpg (76112 bytes)

Another ex-Cleveland Pullman, this time in Queen ready to cross King on this cloudy and misty October, 1967 day in Toronto. 

tccpccking.jpg (58674 bytes)

A St. Louis built PCC car built originally for Toronto heads northbound on King as it crosses the busy King-Queen intersection.

tccpccstclair.jpg (78126 bytes)

Another St. Louis built PCC car for Toronto making a turn on a pull-out from the barn to busy St. Clair.  October, 1967.
The oily exhaust from that Plymouth can't obscure the two St. Louis built PCC cars on Queen as they cross King heading west. 

tccstlkingqueen1.jpg (84284 bytes)

It's getting dark already in downtown Toronto as a westbound King PCC ex-Cleveland car is seen. Notice the flags in the background.

tccxclevpulkingsdowntown.jpg (70794 bytes)

The scenic part of St. Clair on the northern part of Toronto as one PCC gets ready to pass another one in this October, 1967 shot


TCC St. Claire2 w.jpg (54703 bytes)

tcc st clairepullout1 w.jpg (40611 bytes)

Another shot of the pull-out approaching the St. Clair line in Toronto.  What a great system!

cts single rapid Windermere1.jpg (41479 bytes)

St. Louis built single unit 110 comes into the Windermere station in East Cleveland in this 1959 shot.  The cars were similar to those on the CTA property.   Like the 6000 series, these cars have long since been retired.

cts rapid Windermereshops1 w.jpg (87500 bytes)

Another single unit St. Louis car at the shops of the Cleveland Transit System (CTS) at Windermere in 1959.
Pullman (1948) built PCC on the Shaker Hts. route at 55th station.  The cars used the center low level platform in this 1959 shot despite the fat that they were built with a door on the left side of the body. 

shaker73 55th station w.jpg (51474 bytes)

Pullman built 86 waits for me to get aboard while next to it at the Van Aken yards is former Minneapolis TCRT St. Louis PCC.  This was one of five cars that never received couplers for MU service.

vanakenterm1 shakerhts259 w.jpg (71795 bytes)

In 1959 a few former Cleveland Peter Witt cars were still on the property seen at Van Aken next to a former TCRT car with couplers and a Pullman PCC still in the original colors.  Nothing seen here remains in 2001.

vanakenyard2 shakerhts259 w.jpg (64581 bytes)

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