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This page is made up of various railroad photographs that are not included on the other pages including Union Pacific, Grand Trunk, Museums and much more.

irm 3 trolleys 870w.jpg (56642 bytes)

Three trolleys pass by at the Illinois Railway Museum in this 70's shot: Milwaukee electric, Illinois Terminal and Chicago Surface Lines.

irmtme972 - 870w.jpg (61018 bytes)

Milwaukee Electric 972 at the Illinois Railway Museum - 1972.

irmshay5 870w.jpg (44658 bytes)

A favorite in the 1970's was the Shay steam engine seen here with some former Rock Island commuter coaches at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Two former Santa Fe Pleasure Domes on the same August, 1980 day: one still active on the Coast Starlight leaving Los Angeles(insert), the other a few miles away waiting its fate  and all ready vandalized at 7th Ave.Yards.

xsfdomeww.jpg (61288 bytes)

The dome observation car for the Wabash Blue Bird in this 1955 view.  This car would later become Amtrak 9310, one of the last of its kind to run in active service.  Dearborn Station, Chicago

wab1601obschi56w.jpg (68836 bytes)

The 1956 Circus train with Burlington 4960 at Waukesha, Wisconsin.  It was the last year the 4960 would have the honors.

ebcircus96waukw.jpg (57641 bytes)

icoldelec1968w.jpg (60281 bytes)

It's 1968 and Chicago is about to suffer the Convention.  Nevertheless, the old Illinois Central electrics are still running and add a classic pose at the 12th St. station.

gg1engnh472w.jpg (29535 bytes)

A pose as old as railroading: the engineer waits for the "highball" to get going.  In this case the engine is a classic GG1 at New Haven, Connecticut in this April, 1972 scene.

tpw102gilmanw.jpg (53900 bytes)

A westbound Toledo, Peoria and Eastern waits to cross the main Illinois Central tracks at Gilman, Illinois in this April, 1969 scene.  
An eastbound Grand Trunk transfer freight at McCook, Illinois in 1972 crossing the Santa Fe main line.  

gtxfermccok678rw.jpg (42175 bytes)

A westbound Grand Trunk at Griffith, Indiana approaching what was a very complex interlocking of five separate lines crossing.  It's February, 1971.

gtfrategriffw.jpg (51234 bytes)

A few minutes later the eastbound "Maple Leaf" came roaring through led by two GP-9's.  Grand Trunk normally ran these units long hood first for safety purposes.  The train had but two and a half months left before Amtrak. 

gtmapleleafgriffw.jpg (51539 bytes)

upgp30laxw.jpg (51072 bytes)

Three Union Pacific GP30's (the middle is a "B" unit) rest in the warm Los Angeles sun at the UP yards in this August, 1980 shot.

denwash4100w.jpg (54203 bytes)

The cars of the "California Service" get their obligatory wash at Denver in this April, 1970 scene.  A month or so ago it was the "California Zephyr". There was still a little bit of a touch of class left by the BN on this unknown train. 

icnbcarbondalegilmanw.jpg (54629 bytes)

Two Illinois Central E-7's pull a northbound Carbondale to Chicago train in for a stop at the Gilman station.  This was still a high speed line for such trains as the "Panama Limited" and "City of New Orleans" in April, 1969.
The Westbound GM&O "Alton Limited" is ready to continue its journey to St. Louis in this April, 1971 shot at Joliet, Illinois.  Amtrak was weeks away.

gmo101a limited jol471.jpg (72129 bytes)

A Canadian Pacific (Soo Line) freight edges its way below Dayton's Bluff in St. Paul along the Mississippi river.

soofrate.jpg (80473 bytes)

The Eastbound Golden Spike Centennial train led by former Nickle Plate Berkshire 759 approaching Cayuga,  Indiana on a warm May, 1969 day. 

nkpberk2w.jpg (50701 bytes)

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