Artistic railroad pictures - original and modified.


Railroad photography can be an art either in its original form or modified through such means as PhotoShop and its various filters.  This page shows both the original without modification that can be artistic in its own way as well as modified pictures: some slightly modified while others drastically so.  Some of these pictures may be seen on other pages in their unmodified format.  From time to time this page will rotate as more pictures get modified.

It's December, 1957 and two CTA PCC cars are sitting, waiting their fate, at the 77th/Vincence yard.  Their active days on the former north portion of the Clark line is over with.  Chances are they'll end up going to St. Louis where parts will be used for the new (at that time) elevated cars.

The Westbound Turbo train eases through the crossover to test the new CTC system being installed in this 1981 picture.  The picture itself has been modified to look like an oil painting.

Some times a railroad lantern fixed to the rear of a train can be a piece of art.  In this case the lantern is on the back of a former North Shore car that was at one time on display and running at the East Troy museum.
One of the Amtrak Turbos highly modified with special filters most likely near Deerfield, Illinois.  Or perhaps: "The Twilight Zone"!

The rear of the California Zephyr dome observation car at Galesburg, Illinois provided a good subject for modification.

A visit in April, 1971 to the former Aurora, Illinois railroad station brought a number of night time pictures of locomotives and passenger cars.  This is of an "E" unit that had just arrived with a westbound commuter train from Chicago.

It's May, 1971 and four BN "F" units are piloting the "Empire Builder" past Tower "A-20" at Northbrook, Illinois in this solarized picture.

Another "E" unit at the old Aurora, Illinois station waiting to go back to Chicago in this modified night shot picture.

A former Southern Pacific homemade dome lounge made it to Chicago on the then "San Francsico Zephyr".   Ironically these cars only ran as far west as Denver! 


A  former Chicago and NorthWestern "E" unit and "F" unit are sitting at the former Waukegan, Illinois coach yard with their respective trains in this modified picture

Consider something as ordinary as a switch stand: a piece of art?  Perhaps in the eye of the beholder.  This switch stand was in the North Shore Line's Highwood shop's yard in 1957. 

All though this picture can be seen in its original format elsewhere, adding color and a few other special filters adds to it.  This is the eastbound "Empire Builder/North Coast Limited" roaring through Sugar Grove, Illinois in April, 1971 - a few weeks before Amtrak.

The Daylight Observation cars, for the most part, survived up to Amtrak in either their original parlor format or converted to coaches.  This is one of the final two ordered for the "Coast Daylight" at San Jose, California in April, 1970 with the altered skyline. 

The last hurrah for conventional dome observations was on the "Abraham Lincoln" between Chicago and St. Louis when Amtrak ran this neat vest pocket domeliner at a time when Amfleet and turbos were taking over the Midwest.  This is shown at Joliet, Illinois in 1976.

I am not sure where this car body came from but it was sitting at the East Troy museum in the mid 1970's as you see it - in the grass.  A little modification from PhotoShop gives a special touch to this picture
It was a well known fact that the Penn-Central merger was not a marriage made in heaven.  Things got really bad as can be seen in this picture.  Little wonder why Conrail came to the rescue!

The Elm Street Station in Winnetka, Illinois with a north bound North Shore train heading towards Waukegan in this modified picture.  The picture was taken around May 25, 1955 - two months before the service was abandoned.

GP38-2 350 leads a freight through the Tower A-20 plant on its last day of operation in this modified picture to appear like an oil painting.  June, 1981.

North Shore Line 727 sits in this modified shot at the Mundelein station in 1959. The car is presently the office car at Iowa Traction.

IA Chicago to Milwaukee train passes Tower A-20 in this highly modified picture.  Unit 101 is in the lead.  


This is what happens when the sun is not cooperating: you mask the subject and add a few effects!   BNSF, still in Santa Fe Warbonnet paint near Snelling and Energy Park Road before the railroad put up the security fence.

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