The Red Line

North Section


A morning interlude at the Charles/MGH station on the Red Line. MGH is the Massachusetts General Hospital whcih draws heavy passenger service. It is also the location of the proposed Blue Line extension that will connection with the Red Line if it is ever started and completed. North of the station is the Longfellow Bridge crossing the Charles River. All though it may appear as being moveable the four towers seem to be more decorative than functional since the bridge is and has been a fixed structure.






A Red Line train croses the Charles River on the Longfellow Bridge in this October, 2009 view from the Prudential Tower




A 1500 Class Red Line train has just crossed the Longfellow bridge over the Charles River And is passing an outbound 1800 Class train heading toward\s Alewife



Red Line 1651 leads a 6 car train coming into the Charles/MGH station. this is the only section on the north/northwest section with a station above the ground




Car 1611 leads a six car Red Line Train at the Charles/MGH station stopping for passengers.

outbound Bombardier Red Line train



AC powered 1800 Class cars built by Bombardier stops for passengers before heading across the river on the Longfellow Bridge.


Porter Square






porterpurpleentrance Entrance to Porter Square Station to Purple (Commuter) Line platforms



portercommkiosk Entrance to Porter Square Station to Red Line Station


portersculpture View of Porter Square Station from across Somerville Ave.


porter sculpture Moving sculpture at Porter Square Station - Part of the "T's" artwork


porterdown1 Porter's Long descent down the escalator to the trains.


porteroutbnd1 Outbound Red Line Train at Porter stopping to let passengers off


outboundporter Outbound Red Line 01800 Bombardiers at Porter Square station



porterputbpind Another view of an outbound Red Line Train led by an 01700 class car.


redlinelvporter Red Line train on outbound track ready to leave for Davis Square and Adelwife


porterup I t's a long way back to the station from the tracks!


The northern end of the Red Line is the Alewife Station. The station itself is underground with a simple set of crossovers. and tail track

alewifeAn outbound train made up of 01800 class cars wait to depart at the Red Line Alewife station for downtown Boston


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