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The South half of the Red Line is a subway until it approaches the JFK//Mass station. Just north of the station the line splits with an overhead flying junction for the inbound trains from Ashmont passing the Braintree main line as well as additional storage tracks. The station itself has two center platforms, one for each branch. To the east is a bus terminal as well as tracks for the busy Purple Line that goes to various destinations including the new Greenbush branch, . The Ashmont branch runs parallel to the Braintree branch for a distance and then heads towards the Ashmont terminal. The Braintree branch continues on to its Braintree terminal with the busy Purple line running next to it most of the way.










jfkmass1 An inbound Red Line train from Ashmont stops at the busy JFK/UMass station while to the right is an outbound Braintree train.




jflmass2Outbound Ashmont Redline train stopping at the JFK/UMass station.




jfkmass3JFK/UMass busy Braintree Branch platform.




Scenes at the Wollaston Station. Wollaston is the second station after JFK/UMass on the Braintree Branch. It is next to the Old Colony Purple Line which has a heavy load of trains.


woll1 Red Line train at Wollaston boarding passengers.


woll2 An 01800 series inbound train at Wollaston getting ready to board passengers for downtown Boston.


woll3 A six car 01800 class inbound train approaches the Wollaston Red Line station


woll5 Another view of the 01800 class Bombardier RedLine cars at Wollaston


woll4 Southbound 01600 class outbound to Braintree approaches the Wollaston station.


woll6 Attendant mans the doors on a northbound Red Line Train at Wollaston.



The JFK/UMass station is an important stop for both the Red Line and the Purple Line Old Colony Commuter trains. The station consists of two center platforms; one for the newer Braintree Branch and the other for the Ashmont Branch. Just north of the station is where the two lines split with inbound trains from Ashmont using a flyover for the southbound Braintree trains. There are also storage tracks as well in the area. The station is intermodal also servicing the busy Purple Line commuter line that heads to suburbs south and southeast of Boston. There is also a bus transfer that includes the shuttle that runs to the nearby University of Massachusetts and the JFK Library and Museum located on the harbor. Passengers can transfer freely between the two lines by using an overpass.
Braintree is the present southern terminal of the Red Line Braintree Branch. It is in an area rich in history including at Quincy Center, north of the station, the John Adams Museum and homes. The station is a rather simple layout with a double crossover north of the station and a small yard hidden away south.


brain1 Braintree station - a six car train is ready to head north towards downtown Boston and Alewife.


brain2 01709 leads an inbound Red Line train at the Braintree Terminal.


brain2 01711 waits to get ready to leave the Braintree terminal on the Red Line


brain4 Redline train at Braintree looking towards the south end of the station.


brain6 passengers getting off a Redline train at Braintree Terminal


brain7 A view of the Braintree Yard


ash1 Ashmont station under construction


The Ashmont - Mattapan High Speed Trolley is a living museum in revenue service. It consists of a fleet of 11 1944-45 PCC cars that once roamed over the now defunct trolley lines. They are the oldest running PCC cars in regular revenue service and have been lovingly restored to their original appearance save for the new air conditioning mounted on the front half of their roofs. The line was out of service for over a year finally returning in December, 2007 after a heavy rehabilitation and getting the cars compliant with ADA regulations. The line is really not "high speed" but can cruise at 30 mph. Both the Ashmont and Mattapan stations have been extensively rebuilt. The operator told me that they plan to run the cars as long as they can. Here's hoping the "T" can keep their word.


ash1 PCC 3238 approaches the Ashmont station as it climbs up the grade. In the background are Red Line cars in storage


ash2 PCC 3238 getting closer to the Ashmont stop on the elevated loop.


ash3 PCC 3238 in another view on grade to Ashmont Loop


ash4 Left side view of 3238 showing door that was used for subway service.


matt1 3238 at the rebuilt Mattapan terminal. Mattapan is where the PCC cars are stored.


matt2 The car barn at Mattapan where cars are stored.


3238c Control panel for PCC 3238.


ash7 PCC 3265 at Ashmont Loop


mtalogo MTA logo on PCC 3238




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