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Regional Organizations

Regional organizations include those that are dedicated to racing in and around Minnesota. For those interested in what's happening specifically in the State of Minnesota the Minnesota Cycling Federation is the easiest way to find out. Their comprehensive website includes dates as well as results of most of the events. Each year MCF offers its "Rider of the Year" award for road racing. For those track racing fans the world class National Sports Center Velodrome has its own website which is linked either with MCF or below.

Other regional groups include those in the State of Wisconsin (WCA) and other states within our area and organizations dedicated to mountain biking and WiSport, an organization the puts on a series of road races each year within the State of Wisconsin. Other organizations devoted to mountain bike racing, for example are included. Additional regional organizations will be added as we become aware of them. Some of these may also include series for each state.

Please note that the information shown is at the time shown on the date at the bottom of the screen for this page. Because of that it is strongly suggested that users double check for any changes in dates of events. Unless otherwise notified the calendar and links shown below are what was available at the time of the annual updating of this page.

Non-racing organizations are or will be included in this section in the near future.


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