New links to MBTA, Metro Transit, New Orleans and BNSF have been added.  Check it out! - - - - APTA site has been added as a new link. A must for anyone interested in passenger carriers from buses to Amtrak. The Chicago Transit Authoirty website has also been added. Links have been updated and corrected as of 26 November 2007



Chicago and Northwestern Historical Society. This site is affiliated with the CNW Historical Society who puts out an outstanding quarterly publication. A must for CNW fans!

Chicago Transit and Rail fan - an excellent site that deals with - what else? Chicago's transit and railroads. Both current mass transit and historical material can be found. Includes information on CTA, Pace, Metro as well as rail carriers in the Chicago area. Also included are sections of other properties in the Midwest including Milwaukee, the Twin Cities and much more. A plethora of information!

Metro Transit - Transit in the Twin Cities including the new Hiawatha Light Rail Line that has set record ridership.  Trip planner and much more.

Chicago Transit Authority - one of the nation's largest and best systems, this website offers up to the minute news on routes, projects and much more. One added feature is a great gift shop where you can order anything from scale models of their 1960's GMC buses to bike jerseys, caps and other odds and ends. Well worth the visit.

The Milwaukee Road Historical Society - like the CNW the society has a quarterly publication that covers different areas of interest from the late and great Milwaukee Road. The webmaster worked summers and weekends at several of their towers in the Chicago area at one time.

APTA - American Public Transportation Association - one of the best sources for an inside picture of the passenger carriers. The site includes information on different member properties (cities) including direct links to their sites. There are links to different vendors ranging from railroad equipment to bus parts. Some pages are off limits to the general public but there is more than enough there to satisfy just about anyone. There are statistics, maps, up to date news and much more. This is a must for anyone interested in passenger carriers.

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority - an up to date site relating to what is happening to post-Katrina New Orleans.  Excellent links as well to the Crescent City.

The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society also has a quarterly magazine that covers both the former Soo Line as well as the former Wisconsin Central which is now owned by the Canadian National.

Union Pacific Railroad. While this site is primarily corporate there are several excellent sections relating to the railroad's fan trips including steam power. In addition, there is an excellent company store for those who wish to have anything from coffee cups to caps. Great museum too in Council Bluffs, IA.

Amtrak's website is loaded with travel information. The new Acela has its own website. Find out how much a trip costs, if the train is on time or late, merchandise you can buy and much more. The Acela site focuses on America's new high speed service on the East Coast.

New York Subway Org is one of the best organized sites for transit and traction buffs. A comprehensive coverage of the transit system of New York City would be enough but the link page includes virtually everything and anything relating to the industry: from professional organizations to fan sites. This is a must visit site!

BNSF - website including store for BNSF merchandise.

MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority - From Buses to Ferry Boats with streetcars, light rail, heavy rail, trolley buses and more: MBTA, or the "T" as it is known, is a comprehensive transit property serving not only Boston but the entire metro area and outer metro area.

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