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Seashore Trolley Museum is located near Kennebunk, Maine. It is the world's largest museum dedicated to transit which includes streetcars, subway cars, light rail, interurban, electric freight, trolley bus and buses from different properties over the United States and the world. Founded in 1939 Seashore today is a combination of all of the above plus an operating museum with service over a former railroad right of way. All though the museum does have a substantial collection of historical transit equipment from Boston and New England it is constantly adding to its extensive collection.

My first visit was in October, 2008 and covered a good part of the museum. A year later during their annual Pumpkin Patch weekend I returned to once again visit, photograph and ride some of the cars that were available. Included are a wide range of cars in various shapes and conditions.

The museum is made up of volunteers that take time from their regular activities to work on the cars, the right of way and operate the cars. A ticket gets you all the rides you wish as well as a chance to walk and admire the restored examples of what was once revenue cars. Their open gate car from the Twin Cities Rapid Transit is representative of service from the glory days of that property. It has been lovingly restored to its original configuration and sees service on a regular basis.

Inside the main building is an excellent book and souvenir shop that offers a wide range of books on the history of various electric railways. Many of these books are difficult to find outside that store. There is also a wide range of souvenirs ranging from coffee cups, sweat shirts and caps that one can buy which also helps out the museum. The museum has its own website as well which you can get to by clicking here. On their website you will have a chance to further check out not only their cars but books and other material. Of course you're more than welcome to be a member. Should you ever have a chance to be in the area be sure you have a chance to visit. The museum is also a short distance from the historical town of Kennebunkport which is situated on the ocean. Pumpkin weekend is a chance to not only admire the beauty of New England's fall colors (if all goes well) but to ride a wide variety of cars, getting your own pumpkin and carving it out as well.

Photos from Seashore Trolley Museum October, 2008 and 2009
3rdavcar08 A Third Avenue car pulls into the loop at the northern end of the right of way being guided by the conductor of the TCRT car parked in front of it.
3rdave2 The same car entering the turnaround loop - October, 2008.
Former Twin Cities Rapid Transit wooden car 1267 starts its journey on the tracks at Seashore Trolley Museum - October, 2008. This car has been restored to its original open rear gate appearance.
erdterm Former Third Ave. car sits at the main terminal at Seashore waiting to pick up more visitors on this beautiful October, 2008 day at Seashore.
melbarn The Sydney car rests in the barn getting a nice sun bath. October, 2008.
seabarn1 A former Dallas street car sits in one of Seashore's barns. Next to it is a former MBTA Pullman streetcar. October, 2008.
dccar A former Washington, DC PCC car sits in one of the barns at Seashore next to a former Cleveland streetcar.
crandic1 A beautifully restored Crandic interurban graces the opening drive to Seashore Museum. The museum has different cars on display to the entrance way.
soacsea The SOAC cars sit at Seashore after being built in 1972 and tested in a number of cities including Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. For a view of the cars in Chicago click here..
mbtaworkcar A former Boston work car that still sees active duty at Seashore.
ttbus A former MBTA trolley bus sits in the sun in this October, 2008 portrait.

Tower C greets visitors as they enter the Museum and head towards the visitor's center.

opencar1sea A classic open car from Connecticut makes the rounds on Pumpkin Patch Day in 2009.
Greenseashore One of my favorite cars: a beautifully restored New England interurban car that was "Rapid Transit" in its day.
NSL420 Former North Shore Line observation car converted to a coach sits on a side track. Car 420 was built in 1930 and ran mostly in commuter service on the North Shore Line until January, 1963.
dallas08 A Dallas streetcar is ready to pick up visitors at the Visitor's building on this cloudy pumpkin patch Sunday in October, 2008.
opencar2 Another shot of the open Connecticut trolley on Pumpkin Patch day. Doesn't that beard add to the character of the picture?
type5 One of Boston Elevated (later MBTA)'s Type 5 trolleys that featured the unique front end design that was a Boston tradition.
cran09 Another view of the Crandic ex-C&LE car parked at Seashore in this October, 2009 view.
sealineup It's the Seashore afternoon rush hour line up. I'll take that open air car, please!
seaopen3 Biddlleford open air car on display ready for service. October, 2009 Pumpkin Patch Sunday.
pumkin1 No mail today but plenty of pumpkins to choose from on Pumpkin Patch Day. The ground was too wet to go out to the field.
melbcar A former Sydney, Australia tram runs shuttle service on Pumpkin Patch Sunday. In the background is the Twin Cities Rapid Transit car 1267 loaded with riders.
tcrt3 The TCRT car 1267 rounds the curve as it approaches Morrison Hill Station.
seadal2 The Dallas car in service on Pumpkin Patch Sunday at the Seashore Trolley Museum, 2009.
tcrtcontrol No fancy lights and buttons to push; this is what was needed to get the TCRT 1267 to run - a simple controller with an air brake handle to the right!
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